Monday, December 20, 2010

Hubby List

This is really interesting. Thanks Aisha for sharing and tagging me.

Can you remember the first date you met your hubby?
When was that?
First week in April (Holy week -2003)
First impression:
The most handsome man I've ever seen.
Were you friends before he became your bf?
Yes! definitely (we're still the best friends ever)
What was the sweetest thing he did for you?
Flying halfway across the world to meet me.
What are the things about him that you are thankful for?
Everything! for being so responsible, for being GOD-fearing, for loving me unconditionally, accepting my faults,weakness, and imperfections (I have lots of those). He makes me feel like the most beautiful, wonderful and amazing creation the Lord ever made. He is always there to listen and to talk to; his words and deeds encourage me. I was amazed last night when we were watching the NBC dateline interview of Rick Warren; I was so struck by the fact that Rick Warren's reasoning and principles were exactly like my husband's. I could not contain my emotion; I was just staring at my husband sitting in his recliner and just said to myself, " I married the most wonderful man", I was humbled and feel so blessed. Truly having him made me thank the Lord for making me, me.

Now the rules are simple.
1. Pick your sweetest picture when you were still friends and post it on top of the questions and answers.
2. Another picture now that you are together post it after the questions.
3. Share to how many friends you like.
4. Enjoy doing it c:
5. Let your hubby read it too

Now I am tagging Susan, Divine, and Denise. Just follow the instructions.

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simply divina said...

Wow! That's good that you already have this. I'm so happy to read your love story.I will try to make mine this week. God bless ate.

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