Monday, February 14, 2011

My Treasure by Will Yothers

My husband is a man with few words. When he said he loves me, he meant he loves me. He will take care of me and will die for me. He does not flatter or say something that makes everyone feels good. When he says something nice about someone, I know he means it. He wrote this poem for me.

My "Love" is like a diamond
Sparkling in a stony garden,
Every facet flashing fire,
A rainbow of brilliant hues.

Often appearing as fragile
As a piece of crystal.
A glittering inner strength
Unrivaled in all the earth.

My "Love's" fiery brilliance
Causes all others to dim.
None can withstand the radiance
Of her brilliant appearance.
Discovering this treasure
Gives its finder great pleasure,
Its undiminished value
Never to be relinquished

Soon this gem will set aglow
My home so ordinary,
Giving it a bright sparkle,
Filling it with her grandeur.

1 comment:

simply divina said...

This is so cute and Mom love it. When she saw your photo taken in her backyard, she's so happy.

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