Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sky Watch Friday 4

These photos were taken the other day. Hubby came home early so we took the boys outside to play with the snow and enjoyed taking some photos. We had sooo much fun. To see more beautiful photos please visit Sky Watch Friday and please join and share your photos with us.

Contemporary Portrait

Contemporary Portrait

This is Amanda Grace, my Contemporary Portrait entry. I choose her photo because she is special, sweet and funny and just the prettiest 3 years old girl in whole Pennsylvania. Please visit I'm in Culture shock and join the fun.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lazy Bones

I feel too lazy to do anything. This is one of those days and moments that I dreaded. This morning I was so tired to get up and prepare breakfast for my hubby, but I had to; I just turned the coffee on when I heard my boys calling, "Mommy!" Well, it was an early morning for us. When Hubby left for work, I was so tempted to turn on the TV so I could be lazy myself while the TV entertained the boys; but my hubby discourages me from letting them watch too much TV. We played, read their books, and I let them play by themselves as usual until it was close to lunch. I decided to just give them leftover food which was rice and sinigang(stew) shrimp, but they preferred carrots, stick cheese and peaches instead. After lunch, it was time for a nap, I noticed that Matthew was getting bored reading his favorite books over and over, so I went to check their bookshelves to see if I could find new books for him. I found the "Ten Commandments. " It was his first book that we read to him back when he was still a baby. Well, it was time for me to read it to him again; I read his Children's Bible, stories about parables, and then took The Chronicles of Narnia(The Lion,the Witch and the Wardrobe) and started to read it. It was half the chapter when I closed it. He was so quiet; he used to say, "Read it again." It was close to one o'clock when I went down to my kitchen and checked if I could find caffeinated coffee to help perk me up. I didn't find any, so I thought I could sit and check Watery Wednesday and see some photos posted by bloggers. I was just amazed by the photographs that everybody shared. I am glad that I joined WW. There is always something to look forward to every Wednesday.

Watery Wednesday 4

Taken at my Bro's place one very hot summer day. To see beautiful photos please visit Water Wednesday hosted by a beautiful lady 2sweetnsaxy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sky Watch Friday 3

These photos were taken on the farm in Lancaster Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful summer day when we decided to drive around and enjoy the scenery. The sky was so clear and beautiful. To see more beautiful photos please visit Sky Watch Friday and join us.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let use our talents!

I noticed that a lot of ladies prefer to buy quilted bags, I think it is because it has a very good quality that lasts a long time, and some of the designs and colors are really pretty too. You can check some of My Bags, and I hope that you can find something there that you like.

I make Raggedy Ann and Andy and also created my own Dolls. I was really encouraged because Raggedy Ann and Andy are now becoming popular again. I think that when we use our talents that the Lord gave us, we will be blessed,
it surely is fun and very rewarding.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Everett loves to eat, and he eats like a hungry soldier. It's embarrassing sometimes, but what can I do; he just can't help it :( ! My husband said that he definitely did not get it from him, so it falls on Mommy. I like feeding them their favorite food, so if anyone can share recipes that your children love, please share it with me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Watery Wednesday 3

These photos were taken at Picture Rock on Lake Superior. For more beautiful photos please go to Watery Wednesday

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Watery Wednesday

I remember my son Matthew being so overwhelmed when he first saw the ocean, he was afraid of getting close to the water, the waves was loud and the water was frigid. He looks so alone standing there. The sound of the waves at night is like a soothing music.
Please share with us your beautiful photos on Watery Wednesday hosted by 2sweetnsaxy.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday is over

Today is the last day of my hubby's holiday vacation, and I feel a little bit sad. We will miss him terribly. It's really wonderful to have him home longer, but duty calls. He has to go back to work. There are a lot of changes for us this year 2009. Matt is going to school next fall. We are still praying about it; home schooling gives the family great flexibility, but then it would be wonderful for him to learn to socialize with other kids. If we send him to school, we need a new car; and I am not excited to drive in this area(lots of crazy and jackal drivers). My hubby was coming home from work one evening, and he was at the stop light when all of sudden a car came very fast straight towards him and crashed his car. His car was smashed in to the dashboard, and it was a miracle that he came out in one piece; his car was totaled and it was impossible for someone to survive. It still gives me a chill every time I remember it. The Lord has been really gracious to us for providing his full protection. About driving, I don't think I can avoid it anymore, its another changes for me but hey I have Gods protection so lets do it. We were planning to move out of this area this year, but the housing market is very bad right now. Accepting the fact that we have to wait for another 5-7 years before moving out was not easy. We wanted to raise our kids on a small farm in a rural area where we can let them play in the yard without worrying about their safety. I think that the Lord has planned for us to stay here a little bit longer.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sky Watch 2

We were at camping ground in Delaware when we took this photograph. It was getting dark but we wanted to see and enjoy the sunset before heading back to our tent. Do you have some beautiful photographs to share please join us on Sky Watch and lets talk about it.

Thankful Thursday

Secret Ingredients

2009 is here. Days, months and years fly so fast. Just yesterday I saw a white strand in my hair, I call this PROGRESS! Yes, silver hair is a sign of maturity, and it's a beautiful thing, My hubby told me yesterday that his hair was getting thin. Praise the Lord that he enjoyed 60 years worry free from spending money for a hair implant. We have millions of things to be thankful for. Life is beautiful! A lot of people do not like winter because of snow and cold. My hubby said to bundle up! My hubby sees things differently than I do. He is a man who sees the glass half full not half empty. After our heater died on us one cold winter month, he was not upset when the heater company said that we had to wait a couple of days before they could install a new one. My hubby said that at least we don't have to wait a month. My second son was born with a broken bone, and people asked if we were planning to see a lawyer. My hubby said that sueing the doctor won't fix our baby's bones. Our pediatrician said that it would take 6 weeks to heal, so we would have to wait. Taking care of my son was not easy, but after six weeks, he got healed; and he is okay now. I seldom see my hubby get upset. I forgot to close our car door one time, and it rained for a couple of hours and water just filled our car. My husband said, "ayayay Mommy. " I forgot to unplug the iron, and I forgot to turn off the stove so that our house got so hot. It was a good thing a man was working in our bathroom and discovered it and turned it off. He said to us that he had to find where the heat was coming from. My hubby said "ayayay Mommy." I think that one of the many secret ingredients of a happy life is to be positive. I learned a lot from my husband; his kindness, trust and love made me want to be a better wife, a better mommy, a better person. I asked him last night in bed why he loves me, and he said "because of who you are." Do you have something to share and thank the Lord during the past year of 2008? Please join us on Thankful Thursday and share your testimony and be a blessing.
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