Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday is over

Today is the last day of my hubby's holiday vacation, and I feel a little bit sad. We will miss him terribly. It's really wonderful to have him home longer, but duty calls. He has to go back to work. There are a lot of changes for us this year 2009. Matt is going to school next fall. We are still praying about it; home schooling gives the family great flexibility, but then it would be wonderful for him to learn to socialize with other kids. If we send him to school, we need a new car; and I am not excited to drive in this area(lots of crazy and jackal drivers). My hubby was coming home from work one evening, and he was at the stop light when all of sudden a car came very fast straight towards him and crashed his car. His car was smashed in to the dashboard, and it was a miracle that he came out in one piece; his car was totaled and it was impossible for someone to survive. It still gives me a chill every time I remember it. The Lord has been really gracious to us for providing his full protection. About driving, I don't think I can avoid it anymore, its another changes for me but hey I have Gods protection so lets do it. We were planning to move out of this area this year, but the housing market is very bad right now. Accepting the fact that we have to wait for another 5-7 years before moving out was not easy. We wanted to raise our kids on a small farm in a rural area where we can let them play in the yard without worrying about their safety. I think that the Lord has planned for us to stay here a little bit longer.


Aisha said...

Oh wow! That is really God protecting your husband from getting killed. What a scary experience and I would be terrified like you too to drive.
I am sad too that Steven has to work after 4 days of holiday. :) It was nice.
We would love to live in a farm too like you guys. I wish we have our own car and place to buy so it's easier. For now, I guess Steven and I just have to wait on what God wants us to do. :) Nice post, Tess!

The Yothers said...

It was really scary, I am just so glad that the Lord is always there to protect us.
We wives always look forward of our hubby's holiday vacation. He had 2 weeks vacation and it wasn't enough, Im becoming greedy all the time. You and Steven are still very young, you will eventually buy your own place(your dream house) and will be happy about it. You just started and I am so excited for both of you. Its wonderful to be alive and have a husband like ours. They are just a blessing! so keep feeding them! I would one of this days join yummy sunday but gee, I dont have any photograph to share yet.

aishaholley said...

Lol. Usually I just take photo of the food we eat before eating. Sometimes I get lazy though but for the sake of rice addict blog, lol I must.

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