Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let use our talents!

I noticed that a lot of ladies prefer to buy quilted bags, I think it is because it has a very good quality that lasts a long time, and some of the designs and colors are really pretty too. You can check some of My Bags, and I hope that you can find something there that you like.

I make Raggedy Ann and Andy and also created my own Dolls. I was really encouraged because Raggedy Ann and Andy are now becoming popular again. I think that when we use our talents that the Lord gave us, we will be blessed,
it surely is fun and very rewarding.

1 comment:

simply divina said...

Oh sister I am so proud of you,I really don't know how to make some of that. I pray that many people buy your product during the fair.God bless! I'm cleaning the house because I'm alone,Mark went to work.

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