Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Secret Ingredients

2009 is here. Days, months and years fly so fast. Just yesterday I saw a white strand in my hair, I call this PROGRESS! Yes, silver hair is a sign of maturity, and it's a beautiful thing, My hubby told me yesterday that his hair was getting thin. Praise the Lord that he enjoyed 60 years worry free from spending money for a hair implant. We have millions of things to be thankful for. Life is beautiful! A lot of people do not like winter because of snow and cold. My hubby said to bundle up! My hubby sees things differently than I do. He is a man who sees the glass half full not half empty. After our heater died on us one cold winter month, he was not upset when the heater company said that we had to wait a couple of days before they could install a new one. My hubby said that at least we don't have to wait a month. My second son was born with a broken bone, and people asked if we were planning to see a lawyer. My hubby said that sueing the doctor won't fix our baby's bones. Our pediatrician said that it would take 6 weeks to heal, so we would have to wait. Taking care of my son was not easy, but after six weeks, he got healed; and he is okay now. I seldom see my hubby get upset. I forgot to close our car door one time, and it rained for a couple of hours and water just filled our car. My husband said, "ayayay Mommy. " I forgot to unplug the iron, and I forgot to turn off the stove so that our house got so hot. It was a good thing a man was working in our bathroom and discovered it and turned it off. He said to us that he had to find where the heat was coming from. My hubby said "ayayay Mommy." I think that one of the many secret ingredients of a happy life is to be positive. I learned a lot from my husband; his kindness, trust and love made me want to be a better wife, a better mommy, a better person. I asked him last night in bed why he loves me, and he said "because of who you are." Do you have something to share and thank the Lord during the past year of 2008? Please join us on Thankful Thursday and share your testimony and be a blessing.


UKZoe said...

You are a blessed lady to have one so positive to live your life with. Wish mine could be the same but I have to do positive for the both of us some days.

Manderly said...

Hi! Having a positive outlook is so important, thanks for sharing this with us and for the reminder. I am glad you have such a great husband! :)

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful tribute to an awesome husband and to our amazing Heavenly Father!

I, too, have a husband like that...sometimes, I tell him that his positiveness (doubt that is a real word) is driving me crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy New Year and Happy TT!

Denise said...

Be blessed in 2009 dear one.

Misty said...

This is a very uplifting and motivating post. One of my resolutions this year was to be more positive and less negative. Sigh, I am really trying. I also have a husband who never complains and sometimes I wonder how he handles me! Thank you again for this post. I will probably be revisiting it as needed.


Aisha said...

That's really beautiful! :) It's amazing how a person can influence another. It's just nice to share a house with someone who has a positive attitude.

Sue said...

You really do have something special with your husband. I don't know how many husbands are that patient and positive. I know mine isn't. He's not a Christian, either.

I do have much to be thankful for though. I need to check into the Thankful Thursday meme.

God's blessings on your 2009.


Karen said...

I'm definitely NOT one of those who don't like winter. I love snow! I have been known to do posts on my homeschool blog about fact just did one I think yesterday saying it was snowing here where I live!

Hope you have a great week!

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