Thursday, July 9, 2009

My friends

I am so blessed to have friends who make me feel good about myself, make me smile and laugh, friends that are there to help 24/7, friends that love me, accept me and care for my family. Three weeks ago my friend Tracey gave me a cute bag. I love it. She didn't know that I've been longing and wanting to own a nice leather bag, and finally I got one for free, not that my husband can not afford to buy one; I just don't need one. Wants and needs are two different words and meanings. Anyways, my sister saw it and commented that it's really nice and looks like an expensive one too. Thank you Tracey.
Hubby got a box from my friend Cheech from Ohio this afternoon. The box was full of clothing for my boys and lots of underwear for them. Cheech didn't know that everything that was in the box was exactly what my kids needed. Thank you Cheech.
Months ago I had a bad case of sinusitis, and finally got the medicine to take care of it but the bad news was it is not covered by our insurance. I am paying 250 dollars every month for it. When my friend Leni learned about it, she immediately helped us. She gave some samples for free and also enabled me to get the prescription at a sizable discount. Thank you, Leni.
Thinking about all these friends makes me realize how blessed I am in having them. I only have a few friends, but they are the best; and I will never exchange them for anything. They are gifts from the Lord.


Janie said...

Wow, that's really expensive medicine. Is there a generic version? Usually that's a lot cheaper.
Glad you have lots of good friends to help you through.

The Yothers said...

I dont think clarenix and nasonex have generic version yet. But I will check that out. Thank you Janie.

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