Friday, August 14, 2009

Life on the farm

On the farm the challenge was to see how dirty we could get in a day's time, and the feed pile was an awesome place to do just that. Of course, we were not concerned about getting buried in the pile or inhaling major portions of dust. This was just great fun!

Then there was climbing and jumping in the hayloft, building houses in corners with broken bales, and running through dark tunnels in the hay searching for treasure. Did it bother us that there were open trapdoors to the next level down? Not us. We were indestructible. Besides, this was just too much fun. Only worry warts like moms and dads are concerned about those little details.
Now this was something I could really get into---even if only for a little while. My patience ran out when the husks just did not want to cooperate; However, the ride in the wagon carrying those husks a little later was a lot of fun. Somehow Mom seemed to really dig this corn husking thing. Go figure!

All this fuss about these big stupid creatures called cows! To me it seems that the only things they do are eat, sleep, eat some more and then stand in a row while the big people do something to them; and on top of all that they truly do stink!

Now this I can really get into. Some little kids may want to drive race cars, but I want to drive a skid loader just like Uncle Glenn. I must try these handles; one of them will surely make it go forward and maybe the other will even lift the scoop.

Now just what does Uncle Glenn do when he brings those buckets of calf food down here? I want to get it right and do it exactly as he did it. I do know he took two buckets so I have that part right.

Now this is the life---a real skid loader ride. Okay, so we are not going up in the air and spinning around the way Uncle Glenn does it when he is scooping food into the mixer, but it is still an awesome ride.

I have had better swings, but this makeshift one will do for now. It does provide me with a little bit of fun while I wait for things to liven up here on the farm.

Now this is definitely not my cup of tea. Attending a stupid produce auction is downright boring. I can't even understand what that guy is trying to say. He talks even faster than I do when I am trying to be difficult. Besides, what can I do except look at the horse and wagons here, and that gets old after a while.

Now this is more like it. We can get a little exercise here right in the dining room after a big meal, in which, by the way, everyone ate like hogs except the two of us. This is great fun climbing all over Uncle Glenn and having him tickle us.

Hm! I wonder if the kitty is safe to touch. Does she bite or scratch? Worse still, will she try to attack me if I get any nearer. I have to try. Like they say, "Curiosity killed the cat!"

Wow! This is a huge bottle, and this calf is pulling on it like crazy. I had better hold it back a little bit. I don't want my whole arm going into her mouth. Still she seems rather harmless and I do want to be a big helper.

Let's see if we can move some of this garden dirt around for them. I am sure they will be grateful for my assistance. I was even able to get a chain and use it just like Uncle Glenn.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


If there is someone who knows you more than anyone, that would be your mom. I have kids, and I know almost everything what is going on by just looking at their faces, hearing the tone of their voices, the expression in their eyes and their body language. I have 3 and 5 years old boys; they can communicate well and express themselves more openly now and that makes life easier. At home we always try to put them in bed at 8 o'clock every night. We read them their books, kiss them and say goodnight. Last night when I put Everett to bed, I noticed that there was uncertainty in his face, and he keep staring at me; I just ignored it. I kissed him and said "Night, night," and then started to leave, but before I reached the door, he called me "Mommy!" I looked back at him and asked, "Yes, what's wrong?" and I heard him say " Afraid." I was not sure if I heard him right so I finally lay down with him and asked him again, and he said this time, " I am afraid." I was a little surprised and asked "Why?" He didn't answer, but I could tell that he was feeling afraid. He has big, brown eyes, and they are very expressive. I  told him that Mommy is going to pray and that he has to say the prayer after me. "Now I lay me down to sleep..." then I prayed for peace and comfort for him " Jesus name, Amen." He was smiling when I opened my eyes to look at him.  Its amazing how prayer can do.  I gave him a kiss and a tight hug before leaving his room. I was still wondering why he felt that way last night. I realized that I am still learning much about my kids' behavior.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

At the farm

I can feel the cool breeze coming from the window as I got up at 7 this morning. It doesn't feel like summer here in Indiana. The temperature is more like the spring and early fall. No sirens and horns are blaring that we usually have in Maryland and I just like it. I take my bath and stroll outside to find Elsie in her garden; I can hear her humming an old song while picking her beans for the auction. She has a good sized vegetable garden with cherry tomatoes, potatoes, beans, cabbage, squash, zucchini, cucumber, corn, red beets and lima beans. Three times a week she harvests her vegetables and takes them to the farmer's auction. Most of the time she gets a good price on her produce, and that really makes her day.
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