Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Working in the nursery taught me to love and care more freely. Our  nursery  kids accept me as I am.  They don't care what color my skin and hair are.  They don't care where I came from and never wonder why my accent is different from others. For them I am "Tess."   It is so refreshing to know that kids can easily forgive, as in Totally!, Trusting? Definitely, and loving, completely!  Aiden, Leah, David, Sam, Ryan and, Maddy and Will   have different personalities, of course. They may be little people, but they can do a lot of things in a day, that include changing  our  moods, changing our tone of our voices and the expression of our faces so easily. They can make us  giggle and laugh.  They can cause us to be upset and frustrated, and often times we  can't just help but hug and kiss them; and yes, we do love these kids. There are three staff in the nursery: Tracey, one of the sweetest ladies who loves these kids like her own; our Cora, who can handle any situation in the nursery, a girl who can calm down a tornado and hush a stormy sea.
Sometimes we have an easy day and sometimes we have a difficult one. What makes things easier are  the mommies of our kids. They are very involved with all aspects in their kids' lives. They correct and discipline in the most loving way; they show disappointment and make sure their kids know that. They know their own kids and  try not to make excuses when they show poor behavior.  They teach them good  manners and always emphasize the importance of listening and obeying. They praise them when they accomplish something and take them to their favorite places for a treat. They dress them up nicely everyday and always make sure they have food to eat and juice or milk to drink. These are some of the Moms that I admire and learn from. This Mothers Day, Cora, Tracey and I  want to share some of the things that we observed and noticed about their kids. Let's start with David.

David is a two year old who welcomes hugs and kisses. He has a very sweet disposition and really loves to play with everything. He is a truck-loving boy and enjoys watching men working the most. David will probably be a contract manager or something in construction one day because of his love for it. He too has a great vocabulary, and we all love his accent. He is a very handsome boy and will be very handsome man one day.
One day he was pushing the police car toy on the floor with little miniature people on it.
Cora "What is that David?"
David "Bad guys"
Cora "Where are you taking them?"
David " To church" 
Cora and I smiled at that. I was really touched.  That is something I can never forget about David. I hope that he will be taking real bad guys to church when he grows up. 

Leah  is almost three years old. She is a beautiful girl, she has a sweet smile and very beautiful blonde hair. She will be a very good mom one day. The way she takes care of babies and loves to be a helper shows us that she will be a good big sister and mom. Leah loves to do arts and crafts,  and so focused at it that she hardly makes a mess and creates good pictures. She hates being messy, but loves to be outside.
It was almost time for a nap one afternoon when two of  our little boys started to fight over a toy.

Aiden "This is mine"
David "  Mine"
Their voices got louder and louder until Leah who was playing quietly stood up from the floor and went to where these two were and screamed at them, " Guys, SHARE!"  We could only agree with her.

Aiden is a bundle of energy. We love his energy though because it keeps us moving and he always knows how to get the other kids moving as well. He is also very smart and can do anything he tries to do. He is very handsome and will probably break all the girls' hearts (God forbid). He loves books and because of that we think he will have a love of reading, adding to his growing knowledge. He is also very social and will have many friends in school.  

Ryan  is the sweetest little boy. He hardly ever cries unless something is wrong. He is such a content little boy, and always up for cuddling. Ryan loves hugs, kisses and just loves to relax with you.  We see him getting smarter everyday and making progress in his development. Some people may think Ryan isn't normal nor will ever be normal, but we have never seen him that way. We love him just as much as his mom and dad, and he is normal to us. We trust that, he will go on to do big things one day and will defy the odds that the doctor has given him.  We pray for him daily, along with many others and we know that he is one of God's miracles!

Little Will. We've only known Will for a short time but he is very happy baby. He loves to be talked to and gives us the biggest smiles all the time. We think he is cute and will grow up to be a handsome like his brother.

Sammy is a very intelligent little boy. He sometimes seems too smart for his age, and his vocabulary is very advanced. He loves to play with blocks, legos, cars, or anything that moves and makes noise. He is really good at sharing and playing nicely one-on-one. His smile is so cute and makes you want to smile too! Sammy has the determination that  it takes to accomplish something grand because one of his best qualities is his focus and determination.

Maddy is an adorable little girl! She loves to explore and learn about her world ALL the time! She is very funny, and her beautiful blue eyes make your heart melt! She is very attached to Miss Tess but knows we all love her and that she can make any of us laugh! She likes playing with her cousin Ryan and tries to join in with the big kids as well. -

Last Wednesday, there was a teachers' luncheon. Tracey and I wanted to check if there were any goodies  we might like. I was shy and still decided to go, and  I took Maddy with me. Our little Maddy loves to see people. She waves her little hand to anyone she sees in the hallway and say "hi" and give them her sweetest smile. She is a very social girl and very friendly.  I know that she is going to be a chatterbox when she starts to talk. I talk to her even if I know she doesn't understand anything, but hey, she listens! Anyway, I asked her " Maddy, I am not shy, am I?" and to my biggest surprise, she said, " NO." I hugged  her and told her "You are the most amazing and most precious little stinker ever made, Maddy." I got some food and  drink and something for her too. Maddy  is a precious little sweetheart and  a darling girl. She give us so much joy and fun in the nursery.

These kids are an unfinished business. There are bossy, defiant, sweet, compliant kids,  and one kid who can't keep his hands to himself, a bit like my own kids. Sometimes they remind me of preparing ingredients to bake a cake. Some of the ingredients are salt, vinegar, butter, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and milk. Have you tried tasting each of the ingredients before mixing them all together? Some of them are like baking soda and salt which don't taste good by themselves; and sometimes you wonder why we want to put these nasty ingredients in to bake a cake, but then without salt, the cake doesn't taste good at all. Kids are the same; if they don't make mischief, they aren't normal, and there's always something missing. They have imperfections and likewise they have their unique qualities and characteristic that amaze and marvel us at how the Lord made them. We are hoping and praying that they will become what the Lord wants them to be. Like a mom who is baking a cake, we are hoping that the cake would turn our the way we want it to be, a tasty treat that everybody would enjoy and admire. When it is finished, you would say to yourself "It's perfectly done."

I want to thank Cora and Tracey who contributed to this blog for all the moms in the nursery. You two ROCK!

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awwww these kids are all adorable! Sweet photos!

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