Sunday, May 15, 2011


I started to feel sick yesterday afternoon and it was getting worse by the minute. I decided to call my boss and let her know how I was feeling and was not sure if I was up to work the next day. My dear boss in her understanding and patience said not to worry and just take the next day off. Today, I feel much better and my congestion has lessened, and the pain is not as bad as it had been. This afternoon, I was sitting in the living room couch with my book in my lap, trying to study while waiting for the dinner to get ready. I was so preoccupied, and all of a sudden something hit me on my head. I was so startled and at the same time annoyed that I actually screamed "WHAT IS THAT?" I know that my voice was loud enough to wake up the dead. When I looked up, I saw my son standing in front of me and I heard him say "sorry." I was stunned and felt so bad. I didn't have to yell, but I did. Yelling won't change anything. I just hurt his feelings and I disappointed myself at the same time. I felt so bad I cried after Daddy and boys left for AWANA. They got back around nine o'clock. I was surprised that my precious son gave me his biggest smile, and hugged me like he always does. I am so glad that kids forget easily.

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