Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gold coins and Gold bullion

My husband is a big fan of collecting coins.  He has hundreds of them. I asked him why he likes to collect them.  He said that it's an investment, and that it is something he can pass on to our kids. I used to tease him that I would take all his coins and spend them at yard sales. He would just smile and say, "You wouldn't."  I eventually stopped my teasing because I realized how much the coins  meant to him.

This Father's day, I wanted to buy something special for him,  something that I know he would appreciate, for the celebration of Father's day.  I went online to see what's in there for my dear husband  and landed at Gold Bullion. This caught my eyes . Aha! I found the perfect gift!  but wait; why so expensive? Here's why. The coins are made of gold. That make sense.  The more I read,  the more I learned why gold coins are such a valuable investment. Investing in gold bullion coins  can help you feel more certain about the future, and this would actually calm fears of what might happen to the economy tomorrow.

The Market stocks and some other investments fluctuate because of the price of gold. This is something I did not know before.  Inflation, gas prices, bank failures and defaults of loans have created tremendous uncertainty and financial insecurity.  Like  the rest of the American families, we are extremely concerned about the environment which is adding to economic instability due to the many .  If you are to buy  bullion, you are confident that the value would increase in years to come. Like my husband said, you could pass it on to your kids to help them have a more secure future financially.  The infallibility is unquestionable. Even governments can’t reduce the value of  gold. Gold American Eagles give rise to bullion coins. This is the best pension that you ever want to consider.  Gold is the greatest and the most valuable assets you can find, and that is why investors are purchasing gold IRA's.  If you began with $25,000 in 2000, it would have grown to $26,853 by 2002, $40,817 by 2004, $50,289 by 2006, and $74,777 by 2007. 

I didn't want to keep this from my husband.  I decided to tell him and talk to him about this. I am seriously considering  buying gold bullion. This is the ultimate asset that I can invest for my family and especially for my kids. This is now more about the whole family's day  gift for Father's day.

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