Thursday, July 14, 2011

Are you serious?

Imagine how Noah must have responded when God said, "Hey Noah, the world is evil, and I'm sorry I ever made all these people. Ive decided to wipe them out. You're my  friend so I'm going to give you some direction on how to build an ark. That way, you, your family, and the animals can survive a flood."
Beads of sweat forms on Noahs forehead, and he feels a bit faint. "You want me to build an ark? What is an ark anyway? And all those animals? By the way, did I just hear you say you're destroying the world? I think I need to sit down."
The Bible doesn't record Noah's thoughts, but if he was like most human beings, he probably felt pretty scared and hesitant about this huge tast from God. But Noah ended up doing everything God commanded, which clearly shows the reason Noah was God's man for the job. he was faithful and obedient. He knew him just as well as you know your best friend. And because Noah knew God, he trusted him.
God probably never ask you to do something crazy like build a gigantic boat to prepare for the end of the world, but he may ask you to do something that's way out of your comfort zone. Listen today for his voice. Whatever God asks you to do, know that you can trust him and don't be afraid to follow where he leads.
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