Monday, July 11, 2011

Nada, zilch, zero

Before God gave the word that something should exist, nothing did. What a crazy concept to grasp. There was nothing but big empty void. The Creator was moving over all this nothingness one day, and with one word he supernaturally spoke order into existence. A few more words and a week later, its all done. He sits back, admires his work, and props his feet up for a nice, long afternoon nap.  
If anyone ever deserved a good rest, God did. He didn't just throw together some life forms... he created digestive systems, reproductive processes , and everything else that goes with life.
Its mind bogging, isn't? he's an unfathomably big GOD. And every pair of eyes reading this now belongs to someone created in His image. You have an eternal value, just like every tiny detail of God's first week of work. Never forget that you're the creation of a good and wonderful God!

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Chelo @ Home and Bahay said...

Amen. Great thought to mull over :)

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