Sunday, July 17, 2011


Leah watches from a distance. Her younger sis Rachel has always been more beautiful and outgoing. Leah is Jacob's first wife, but he is talking with Rachel, the one he married seven years later. The conversation is so natural between them, and Jacob laugh is easy.
Leah turns away, tears filling her eyes. She knows Jacob loves Rachel more than her. The only reason he married Leah was because her father tricked him; Jacob thought he was marrying Rachel. She still remembers the look of disappointment  and dread when she took off her veil and revealed the harsh truth. "Why can't he love me, Lord? she whispers. "Why can't he love me like he loves Rachel?"
A pang of nausea doubles her over. She has been sick for more than a week with a queasiness that takes her down without warning. She lifts her hear and places a hand on her stomach with sudden understanding: There is a child! Joy fills her heart because Leah knows she is loved. She is loved her creator who thinks she is beautiful and worthy of attention. She watches Jacob and Rachel, no longer completely jealous. As she puts a hand to her belly, she smiles. Leah became the mother of Jacob's first four sons and his daughter. David's royal line traces back to her son Judah - a line that would eventually include Jesus. Do you feel unloved or unworthy for attention? God loves you, and he wants to use you in a mighty way.

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Dhemz said...

I like the way you deliver the story....ehehhe!

most of all...I like the wacky photo...ehehehe!

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