Monday, July 11, 2011

Wednesday White 2

Two friends from Ohio and Pennsylvania came three weeks ago for a visit. We decided to take them to DC to see places they haven't  seen before. They decided to go to the botanical gardens to my delight. I have heard a lot of beautiful things about the gardens, and I wanted to see it. I was glad that the temperature was not as humid and hot as the previous days otherwise it would have been a HOT and sweaty day for us. If you want to go to DC, you don't take your car because finding a parking lot would be a problem, and the traffic is horrible too. So we always take the metro. The garden was enchanting! It was vast with different kinds of flowers and bushes. They also have the banana tree there.  I was so thrilled when I saw it. So anyone who plans to visit Washington, DC should stop by at  the Botanical Gardens. I know that Raya would love to visit this place.


Chie said...

hello, it is my first visit here for WW. i wonder how thew whole garden looks like with sure was a fun day for you..

i hope u could visit my share for WW too. it's here..and oh, followed you

Rcel said...

Beautiful flowers! :)

Visiting from WW. I hope you can drop by my share:
Snowy Playground
Nissan El Grand
Unnamed White Statue
White Blooms

Thanks and have a wonderful day! ;-)

chubskulit said...

Is that a zinnia? Pretty!

Wednesday Whites at my page. Mind to take a look? Thanks!

Pinx said...

this is my first visit here too! that is one lovely flower and i have like that too, but they're pinks and yellows! thanks for visiting my WW!

raya said...

wow!! thanks for joining us again this week, ting! I love those white flowers and I am sure I would really love it there if I visited. Sure pud ko c Lola Bing ganahan jud kaayo! miss you!

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