Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Protect Your Identity

The words "identity theft" conjure up many dark images for us and rightly so.  Identity theft or identity fraud has become a very real threat since the advent of the internet.  With all of the benefits of the internet have come some very real dangers.  Identity theft is one.  Protecting oneself against the dangers of identity theft should then become a high priority for us today.  If you are seeking the peace of mind that identity theft protection affords, then you need look no farther than IdentityHawk, who offers a comprehensive solution to the problem. 

IdentityHawk is a company that provides cutting edge technology to protect your social security card number from theft.  They can determine if your number is being fraudulently used and notify you in time to stop the damage.  In addition to that, expertise is provided to assist in identity recovery if you should ever be victimized by identity theft.  With a powerful scanning system constantly checking the web for any signs of identity theft, you can rest easy knowing you are protected.  You will also have year round unlimited credit checks by the three major credit bureaus.  So sure of their ability to protect you from loss, IdentityHawk will provide you with one million dollars in insurance against identity theft loss.  No longer do you have to worry about identity theft.  Let the experts do the worrying for you.


Going back to school has been my greatest desire since my boys started to go to school. It has finally come to pass. I had to give up my job in the nursery where I met wonderful mommies, sweet co-workers and beautiful kids to love. I truly enjoyed working there, but I need to focus on my studies and I hope to finish the program in two and a half years.

We all make sacrifices.  Having no extra money to spend right now, we decided not to buy another car.  Even if we had the money, I still would prefer not to drive around in the DC metropolitan  area. I am fine with taking a bus, but hubby decided to take me to school and pick me up in the afternoon after his classes(bless his heart).  I made a promise not to go shopping  for the next two years. I have plenty of clothes to last me two years. I don't need any more clothing. What I need is self control, patience and perseverance.

Educational Toys for Kids

I noticed lately that my boys are more interested in playing with their toys than reading their books anymore. This really concerns  me. Talking to my eldest son the other day, I explained that we are going to read  his books with him before going to bed at night. He didn't seem to be interested. He used to love books; he slept with his books and talked about his books. I know that he still loves books, but he loves his toys at the same time and it's much more fun to play than read.

Is it possible to play with toys and learn at the same time? The answer is yes, definitely!  The CP Toys have educational toys for kids. This really caught my attention. They have children's play furniture that kids would enjoy. Their toys are designed for kids to be involved and engaged in more advanced learning with- out even trying. They carry a large variety of Lego themes. This is the kind of toys that would help kids learn to be patient and try their artistic side. They also carry wooden puzzle toys that kids really like, and from which they learn.

This is really something that parents like me might consider buying for their kids. If we want to spend money on something for them, it would be well to buy something that would enhance their knowledge and develop their learning ability.  I want to see them enjoy playing as much as learning.

Goodbye Jeans

My boys loved old jeans, and I am so tickled with that because they really find old jeans the cutest and coolest thing to wear. This year, however, I need to throw some away because of the fact that they are almost unusable anymore! Take this one as an example.  If you haven't guessed yet, this is the second set of patches that I sewed on. I keep them for a long time because it has a lining to warm them in the winter. They have some of these in the closet, and they are their favorite jeans to wear. Well, I think I am glad that I have boys.  If they were girls, I don't think they will wear patched and old jeans. We can actually be practical and save money. Clothes are expensive. Spending money on something that is not a necessity is not really practical in this economy right now.  

Indoor Water Parks

Fall is just around the corner. Pretty soon, we are going to see temperatures dropping down into the 50's. I noticed that some leaves started to turn colors already, and I can feel the the cooler breeze these last two days. Probably some of us are not ready for fall yet. Summer may be over soon but not the fun. If you are still planning to go somewhere to just spend  time with your kids and spouse, the perfect getaway would be  Great Wolf Lodge.  This place is built for the entire family. They have one of the  largest indoor water parks around. They have activities for kids to enjoy and explore. They are going to love the water park; it is so spacious with so many water activities.  Knowing my sons as I do, they would have so much fun at Great Wolf Lodge!   One day is not going to be enough.

The first time we took our kids to the water park was priceless.  Just seeing the water was enough to make them howl with excitement. They were all smiles and just could not wait to get into the water.  Six hours later they were still full of energy and still wanted to go to the water. Climbing the ladder and sliding down the tube kept them enthralled.  It was so much fun! I have never heard them laugh out loud like they did there. It was an hour before the water park closed when we decided to leave, but my boys were not ready just yet. They wanted more. That experience stayed in their mind for a long, long time.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lessons in the Car!

Our car has been the place where we have had many wonderful family times, frequently with spiritual lessons.  This morning that was reinforced by my son's request.  He has been suffering for the last week from a bothersome stomach ache.  I had already left the house and was headed to the car after locking the door behind me when I heard the door open again.  "Dad!" a small voice called out.  "Can you pray for me on the car today on your way to work?"  I gave an answer in the affirmative and heard the door close again.  As I climbed in the car, I was reminded once again of all those trips on vacation, to work, to church and to the store.  Seldom have we gone out without one of the boys or both requesting a story from the Bible.  As a matter of fact, I have now pretty much covered all the children's stories in the Bible from beginning to end three times.

I have been so blessed because as a result of this, I have been able to lead both of my boys into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Both times it came as a result of the story about Christ's sacrificial death at Calvary.  The really neat thing about it was that neither time did I approach either of the boys about accepting Jesus into his heart.  Both times (about a year apart) the older one and then the younger one said, "Daddy, I want Jesus to come into my heart."  I was then able to lead them in the prayer of repentance.  How neat was that!

My older son really understood the concept that I had explained to him very well.  A couple of months after he made that decision, he came to me all excited and said, "Dad, guess what!  You will never have to spank me again."  I was a little puzzled about where this came from and asked him why.  His reply was priceless.  "Because Jesus took all my punishment upon himself.  So now you don't need to spank me anymore."

For Wine Lovers

Whether you are a connoisseur of fine wines or simply one who has a keen enjoyment of a good wine, you will find everything you desire when you visit Sokolin.  Sokolin will provide you with only the finest of wines as they want each specimen to be truly agreat tasting wine.  Working to meet your budgetary needs, Sokolin provides a wide variety of wines from a very reasonable price to those rare vintage wines that only a few may afford. They have worked hard to acquire some of the very rare and expensive vintage wines that are difficult to find.  Regardless of the price of the wine, Sokolin wants you to get only the highest quality, so their wines are culled by tasting many different samples from which only the best are selected in each price range.  They want the taste of their wines to never become ordinary but rather something that can be remembered as special by those who purchase from them.

Sokolin is a service oriented company that provides its customers with the best of service from wine consultations to wine storage to the selection of wine gifts.  They treat their customers well.  Whether you wish to consult on widening your collection, on getting advice on the amount of wine needed for daily consumption over a period of time or on selecting the right wine in advance from a restaurant list before dining out, Sokolin is delighted to help.  If you are a collector of fine wines, you know how important storage is.  Sokolin provides a temperature and humidity controlled facility that will meet your needs.  Sokolin will deliver satisfaction.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Save with Straight Talk

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

For anyone who is interested in saving money, especially in this economy, Straight Talk is definitely the way to go.  More people today are finding that Straight Talk provides them with everything you need in a cell phone without a contract which binds them for one to two years.  With Straight Talk there are no hidden fees or surprises at the end of the month as with many other plans.  As we were driving home today, my wife was telling me of a college friend of her cousin who received the biggest and most unwanted surprise of her life when she received a phone bill for her cell phone that totaled over $500.  Living in troubled economic times, most people simply cannot afford that kind of surprise.  Straight Talk offers a great plan for a monthly fee of only $45. Attractive features of Smart Talk include unlimited calling, text and picture messaging and web surfing. International long distance plans are also available allowing one to stay in contact with relatives  or to call a friend in another country.  For those who are heavy users, there is an "All You Need" plan that provides 1000 minutes, 1000 texts and 30 MB of web data.

Straight Talk some of the most recognized and trusted names in cell phone manufacturing: Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, and Kyocera.  While many of the phones offered are very economical, one can purchase the smart phone which has fantastic capabilities such as voice navigation, camera, video recorder, music player and Bluetooth.  My wife fell for Straight Talk Hook, line and sinker.  Realizing that mom knows best, I generally defer to my wife's wishes in these matters, and I am now convinced that she made a very wise choice. 

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Mellow Yellow Monday 19

I took this shot  at Ruby's garden in Ohio. The heat was brutal that day, and the humidity was sticky, but the sunflower didn't seem to notice it. It stood up 9 feet high above the ground, proud and happy! come and visit Mellow Yellow Monday to see more photographs.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Jersey Elder Care

I was very close to my grandma growing up. I always had fun spending time with her during summer months and weekends as well.   She was blunt, witty and very sweet. She lost her left arm the day she turned fifty, but that did not make her unhappy or limited in what she could do; she was a very independent and strong-headed lady. She passed away in her early seventies and was still proud and happy.

It is our desire to see our loved ones living at a place where we know they are happy and content, not a place where they are confined and isolated from the world. New Jersey Elder Care provides these comforts that our loved ones need. Their services allow our loved ones to live a quiet life, giving us peace knowing that they are being  looked after by people who are equipped and  trained to provide expert care.

NJ Senior Care  allows them to maintain their  independence and ensures that they feel at home and at ease with their new environment. They enjoy the company of other people and staff and nurses as well, who are responsible in making everything enjoyable and comfortable during  their stay and their final days. 

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