Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review: Baby Ladybug Costume

I saw the parcel just outside our entrance door Saturday afternoon when we got home from our vacation, and I was not expecting to receive anything too soon.  Was it possible? I immediately opened it without even  checking where  it came from. I soon found out  that it  came from Wholesale CostumeClub Wow! that was a quick shipment. I was really surprised and impressed by their shipping services, and the costume? It was so adorable and I love it! 

The best time to shop for Halloween costumes is today.  I had a bad experience last year when we shopped for costumes  for our boys. The time we spent hunting for the right costume  was a pain. We could not find the  right costumes with the right sizes; it was a day before Halloween, and the costumes that we were looking for were all sold out. We finally decided to  buy two costumes that unfortunately way too small for them. It was the only thing that we could find anymore.  I had to cut and readjust the costumes and sew them together to fit my boys' sizes. My boys were not happy, of course, because it didn't look the way it originally looked; and we spent another hour to convince them that they looked  fine with it.  It was absolutely crazy!

A friend of mine recommended to me the  Infant Halloween Costume.    I visited the site, and I was so thrilled to see a bunch of different kids costumes that my kids would love, and I was also happy to finally have found a site for just Halloween costumes. Here I could choose from a wide variety and the proper size without making any alterations to the costumes.

I have a two year old niece that I love so much.  I wanted to get her a costume that would fit her personality, and I found the Infant  Ladybug Costume. This  costume was not only adorable, but it has a very good quality and elegance to it.  I make dolls and bags, so I have learned to appreciate good quality in  fabrics. The wings have velcro that you can easily attach to the back of the dress, I was amazed how they simplify things, and their designs and quality are something you can not fail to notice. These are the things that Mommies are looking for, affordability, quality and good services. Below are some pictures of the costume. I can't wait to see my niece wear it.

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