Sunday, August 21, 2011

Celtic Jewelry Made in Ireland



There is something significant about jewelry and women. One is associated with the other, and they have this undefined  connection.  That is why jewelry attracts women, and for some reason, women don't get  enough of jewelry.  In the old days, artisans designed individual pieces of jewelry with their own unique meaning and purpose. Some of them represent eternal love and adoration. Some of them were designed to represent commitment and a pledge to each other.  Some were designed and made for the purpose of dedication  to the gods and goddesses.

Celtic jewelry is believed to be one of the oldest designed, one that started and existed in dedication of the people who arrived in Ireland in 500BC. The artisan designed striking and uniquely designed fashions of jewelry that  were made artistically and skillfully, inspired by their religious creed and their environment.  During the early days, men would declare their pledge of love with a piece of an expensive and uniquely designed  claddagh ring.  This tradition has never changed.  It still carries on and will remain  for following generations  to come. 

It is always wonderful to know where your jewelry come from and what the design means. You can always share the story to your own daughter as you pass it on. You can wow a woman with jewelry so easily too.  I have seldom seen anyone who doesn't have jewelry on, especially on special occasions. For many women jewelry seems to be a means of establishing their identity and giving them a sense of self confidence.  Their jewelry provides a finishing touch for their outfit, leaving the look like a queen and makes them acts like a queen. 

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