Monday, August 22, 2011

Classroom Decorations

School officially starts tomorrow, and my husband is still busy preparing his classroom. He will be teaching the same subjects this year which is good. But that doesn't mean he is not going to change the decorations in his classroom or at least add something, like changing the colors and theme perhaps  to look a little bit different  than last year. 

Finding the right decorations  takes a lot of time and effort, especially when you are like my husband who unfortunately has no art talent in that field. It is a challenge; many times in the past he asked for some ideas and help from me which I happily tried to provide.  I wanted to do anything that was necessary to accomplish the  tasks. He is so trusting and is a very appreciative person, and it makes me more creative and more interested in helping out whenever he needs my help. 

Finding the right supplies is not easy sometimes.  I found classroom decorations on line  They have every theme of decorations in every grade level. I don't think my husband needs help anymore. This  site actually helps him to be a little bit more creative and  to explore something different with out the hassle of finding the missing pieces to complete the decoration.   


Dhemz said...

karon lang ko kabalo nga titser man diay si hubby nimo mamiTess...ehheheh!

those are daughter started her school on the second week of august...early sila.

hope all is well.

Tess said...

Oi, sayo-sayo sila. Bored na kaayu akung mga anak, need na nila gyud mu skwela!


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