Saturday, August 27, 2011

Debt Collector Problems?

If you have been or are being harassed by debt collections, then you know that this can be an annoying and sometimes terrifying problem.  Some unscrupulous collectors will go to almost any lengths to collect on a bill, whether it is legitimate or not.  Because of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you have certain rights that protect you from the unscrupulous collectors.

Sometimes we are unfairly caught in the middle of such a situation specifically because we do know our rights.  For example, there are only certain hours during which we may be contacted by phone.  A debt collector, in most instances, must desist from communication after being informed that the individual does not wish to be contacted again and does not intend to pay.  A debt collector may not threaten arrest or legal action if it is not legal or intended.

In dealing with these situations, probably the best thing to do immediately is to inform the collector that you wish all further communication to be in writing. Stop collection calls immediately. This is a clear indication to the collector that you are aware of your rights and will not be pushed any farther.  Secondly, it gives you a paper trail should the issue ever go to court or if you wish to pursue a lawsuit against the collector for unfair practices.  Another option to stop debt collectors, which is highly recommended, is to contact someone who can help with your situation.

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