Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Educational Toys for Kids

I noticed lately that my boys are more interested in playing with their toys than reading their books anymore. This really concerns  me. Talking to my eldest son the other day, I explained that we are going to read  his books with him before going to bed at night. He didn't seem to be interested. He used to love books; he slept with his books and talked about his books. I know that he still loves books, but he loves his toys at the same time and it's much more fun to play than read.

Is it possible to play with toys and learn at the same time? The answer is yes, definitely!  The CP Toys have educational toys for kids. This really caught my attention. They have children's play furniture that kids would enjoy. Their toys are designed for kids to be involved and engaged in more advanced learning with- out even trying. They carry a large variety of Lego themes. This is the kind of toys that would help kids learn to be patient and try their artistic side. They also carry wooden puzzle toys that kids really like, and from which they learn.

This is really something that parents like me might consider buying for their kids. If we want to spend money on something for them, it would be well to buy something that would enhance their knowledge and develop their learning ability.  I want to see them enjoy playing as much as learning.


Tina said...

wow these are nice.. my kids will surely love these stuff..

Jenna said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing your insight. I was having a hard time getting my son to want to read books again too, until we found Boo It's a modern version of reading. He's currently enjoying kung fu panda digital books for children quite a lot. Mom approved. I recommend it!

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