Saturday, August 6, 2011

Getting old?

This summer  I spent most of my time in my sewing room working with my hair clips. It's fun and refreshing. My boys would sometimes come in and check on me, haha! Now it's the  kids that are checking on their Mommy instead of the other way around. Yesterday I was working again, and Kuya Matthew was there in the sewing room  playing with papers and scissor.  He claimed that he is an artist like his Mommy.  I was working on preparing an article on how to make a simple bow.  I was standing up taking shots at  some of the bows when I felt like I needed to sit down. I noticed that Kuya was sitting on my chair.
Mommy: Kuya, can you please give my chair backMommy is getting old; she needs to sit down and rest."
Kuya: "What? You are getting old?  I can see some concern on his face. He immediately pushed the chair towards me.
Mommy: " Yes, Mommy is getting old.
Kuya: "What happens if you get old?"
Mommy: " Well, I would feel tired all the time and my hair turns to gray."
He looked so worried and I didn't expect that reaction from him.
Kuya: "Mommy, you need to take medicine to stay young."
Mommy" You think?" I hugged him then because I couldn't help it.  He was so sweet.
"Mommy! Your hair are all black.  You don't have gray in your hair."
His voice got so excited, and his face lit up.
kuya: "YOU ARE NOT OLD!" He was all smiles.

Kids say the funniest things; most of the time they just blow my mind. One thing I realized is that my son Matthew is not ready for his mommy to get old yet, and I didn't realized until then that he really cares a lot.

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