Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Indoor Water Parks

Fall is just around the corner. Pretty soon, we are going to see temperatures dropping down into the 50's. I noticed that some leaves started to turn colors already, and I can feel the the cooler breeze these last two days. Probably some of us are not ready for fall yet. Summer may be over soon but not the fun. If you are still planning to go somewhere to just spend  time with your kids and spouse, the perfect getaway would be  Great Wolf Lodge.  This place is built for the entire family. They have one of the  largest indoor water parks around. They have activities for kids to enjoy and explore. They are going to love the water park; it is so spacious with so many water activities.  Knowing my sons as I do, they would have so much fun at Great Wolf Lodge!   One day is not going to be enough.

The first time we took our kids to the water park was priceless.  Just seeing the water was enough to make them howl with excitement. They were all smiles and just could not wait to get into the water.  Six hours later they were still full of energy and still wanted to go to the water. Climbing the ladder and sliding down the tube kept them enthralled.  It was so much fun! I have never heard them laugh out loud like they did there. It was an hour before the water park closed when we decided to leave, but my boys were not ready just yet. They wanted more. That experience stayed in their mind for a long, long time.

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