Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My husband got a call from Pastor Clark the other day.( He is the senior pastor in our Church) Nosy as I am, I asked him this morning on our way to church what they were talking about. I could tell that it was a serious conversation.
Me: " Why did Pastor Clark call you?"
Hubby: "Oh, our  youth pastor resigned, and Pastor  Clark wanted to let the council know about it.
I was surprised. I know our youth pastor, and he is one of those men that I admire, not only as a pastor but also as a husband to his wife and a daddy to his kids.
Me: "Why did he resign?
Hubby: " For personal reasons."
Me: "Like what?"
Hubby : " Just personal"
I became more interested and nosier
Me: " Aren't you going to tell me?"
Hubby : "No."
Me: "Why not? I am your wife and I promise that I will never ever utter anything to a soul about it"
Hubby  was quiet.
Me: " I promise I won't tell anyone."
Hubby : " No, Mommy."
Me: "If you tell me, will it endanger our family?"
Hubby : "No."
Me: "Will it endanger our church?"
Hubby : "No."
Me: "Will it endanger our country?"
Hubby was smiling now and said: "No."
I rolled my eyes and asked for the last time: "Can you tell me now?"
Hubby:  "No.  We were not given details other than personal reasons."
I gave up.  I knew he was not going to tell me and I realized that I have to give him that respect. That moment something happened inside me. He just gained my admiration and respect at the highest level.

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