Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kitchen Decor and Curtains

In my experience I have found that nothing lends itself more to an interior makeover than the addition of new drapes and curtains.  Whether it is a new paint job or an old one, the change of drapes will change the whole appearance of your home and give you the satisfaction of a totally different look.  Not only that, but the proper selection of drapes can lower  your electric bills and heat bills by providing cover from summer heat and winter cold.  We have found this to definitely be a factor in our home this very hot and humid summer.

The kitchen especially always seems brighter and cheerier with the addition of new kitchen curtains.  Having a new look in the kitchen adds motivation to be in there working.  I love finding just the right set of   curtains to enhance the kitchen's attractiveness and give it a truly elegant look.  Of course, there are always the considerations of the perfect match to paint, furniture and other decor, durability and sizing to consider as well as cost.  Convenience in shopping when going through these considerations becomes a big plus.  Many times in the past I have found myself visiting multiple stores and spending hours searching for the right pair of drapes while my children get antsy and my husband silently stews while watching them.

I have decided that it is definitely more convenient to sit at my computer at home and do my shopping there.  Recently I found a kitchen decor site that offers a wide selection of curtains and drapes with many colors and styles from which to choose.  No longer do I have to wander through the  department store torturing my whole family in order to purchase the right curtains.

I have always been fascinated with deconstruction and portion play, so I really should look up Guide to Online Schools and take classes towards  an interior design degree online.

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Jenna said...

Wow, I like that site for curtains. They will go perfectly in the brand new home we just purchased with Charleston Real Estate. We couldn't be happier with the service Carolina One gave us. Thanks for sharing your post.

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