Saturday, August 27, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr.

My son Matthew came into our bedroom last night and started to talk about things as usual. He can talk and doesn't really care if you listen or not.  I do listen, and he never ceases to blow my mind! He saw something on TV that caught  his attention.  It was the the 30-foot granite sculpture of Martin Luther King, Jr. that was built near Washington's Tidal Basin between the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial.

Matthew: " I know that guy! His name is Martin Luther King, Jr.  He fought for civil rights and worked for the equality for all Americans, and Mommy, was he the one who freed the children like me from slavery ?"
Me: "It was Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves, but yes, he fought hard for equality for all Americans."
Matthew: "He is the best! I like him! He was a GREAT man!
Me: "He is indeed."

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