Sunday, August 14, 2011

Massanutten Resort Virginia


 Ms.  Louise Galia, a friend in church,  gave us tickets to stay at Massanutten Resort,  Virginia,  for three days and two nights. I was really excited to visit the resort, especially this  summer when hubby is home for a couple of weeks.  

 He is a teacher and he doesn't have work some weeks in the summer.  This is the only season when we can enjoy traveling, camping, hiking and doing things as a family.  So having a free tickets to the resort was really a blessing to us. This is so far the biggest Water Park we've ever visited , and it's beautiful!  
It was an overwhelming experience for my boys. The resort  has everything that your kids would enjoy.

Our boys were absolutely enthralled with the bungee jumping from a trampoline. They also were thrilled to take the summer tubing hill a couple of times. 

 We went down as a family twice, and the boys counted that as one of the best events of our stay.  Of course, the one that captivated them the most was the water park.  They kept Daddy busy just trying to keep up with everything they wanted to do. 

This is one of the most enjoyable places for the whole family.

The tubing was so much fun!

This Go-Kart activity was one that attracted the boys, but we did not take them because they were so young.  It did look like a lot of fun though.

They also have golf, miniature golf, a zip line for kids and for adults, pony riding and horseback riding and much more. 

Everett wanted to explore everywhere.  His boundless enthusiasm and energy kept us running.  of course, Matthew has every bit as much energy and enthusiasm.

Please come and visit Massanutten Resort!


Louisse Galia said...

Hi Tess. Your photographs from your Massanutten trip were lovely. I am so happy that your family had fun. Your boys are getting big and someday they'll enjoy skiing in that resort. Always be blessed.

Louisse Galia

Marites said...

Thank you Louisse!

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