Saturday, August 27, 2011

Matthew on his Daddy's Bike

Last night, I found my son Matthew on the his daddy's exercise bike in our bedroom.
Matthew: "Oh, I thought it was Daddy!"
Just as he finished saying that, his daddy came in.
Daddy: "Do you like that, Matthew?"
Matthew:" Yeah, I like it, Daddy," he said that with an uncertain look on his face.
Hubby did not say anything then and left the bedroom.  As soon as he closed the door, Matthew just gave a big sigh of relief.
Matthew "Oh man, I thought he was going to yell at me and say, "Get off! That thing doesn't belong to you."
Me: "You thought Daddy was going to get mad at you for finding you on his exercise bike?"
Matthew: "YES!"
Me:" Why?"
Matthew: "Because this bike is not for kids"

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