Monday, August 15, 2011

Mike and his bunny meat

Eight years ago when my husband first told me about his friends in Dayton, Ohio.  Mike and Ruby Bonham. He described Mike as a funny guy who has a unique sense of humor, and Ruby who has the sweetest spirit and gentle personality.

There are a few things that my husband can't forget about Mike in their college days. He told me that  Mike loves to hunt bunnies for dinner, every evening  He would cook the  poor thing's meat. One night two of his friends knocked on the door, and why not? The smell of the meat was irresistible. These two guys eventually became regular visitors at dinner time. Probably Mike started to become a little bit tired of these two, and it eventually became an annoyance to Mike. Well, who wouldn't? After all, he hunted the bunny by himself alone, and here are two guys who would only come in and join him to feast on it!  Mike probably had enough, wouldn't you think?  Mike is really a generous man and he doesn't mind sharing his food, but then even the most patient person  has some limits too. One evening, when these two guys came to his room expecting, of course, more yummy goodies. They probably noticed  something different about the smell, hmm a little bit stronger perhaps? But hey! It's their bunny meat. They enjoyed the whole snack until Mike stood up and showed them the tail of the animal that he had just cooked. When they saw it, they were shocked and  horrified! You could see the grimace on their faces. Why? Because Mike showed them a tail of a CAT! A what? Are you kidding me? Is that really a cat? Mike nodded his head. Can you imagine the  faces that they were making when they realized that they really eaten a cat? Oh my! That must be ewww! You could tell they wanted to empty their stomach, but it stayed there. The next morning when these two entered their classes, the professor said,  " MEOW!"

I was laughing after my husband told me about this story.  Mike is really something. The more I know about him and his wife Ruby, the more I admire and just love them.

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