Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ruby is my Friend

It's really a blessing to have wonderful friends who care and love you for who you are and not for what you have. Most of my friends are married and mommies; some of them having  grown-up kids already, enjoying their lives traveling and sight-seeing like Ruby. I met her when my husband and I visited their home in Ohio eight years back. At that time I was still trying to adjust to my surroundings, learning American ways and their language; and of course, I was still a newlywed and was 6 months pregnant with my first child. I was shy and very reserved.  I think that I was born this way.  Yes, probably, but it could have been changed or improved with some help because I realize that it's not really healthy.  I am  ashamed to admit this, but I can't handle crowds.  I love people but I easily get  overwhelmed. When I was in elementary and high school, I spent my free  days and summertime with my grandma.  She lived on a comfortable small house on  a farm. I loved her. I loved her company, and  I loved her place; I liked the quietness and the peaceful surroundings. I think that I became very comfortable being away from the crowd, and I decided to keep it that way which was not good for me.  My grandma was getting old at that time, and she started to lose some of her short term memory, and people and neighbors who came to visit her probably got tired of listening to her stories again and again because they eventually stopped dropping by to say hi to her and talk to her.

Even when I started going to college, I tried to spent time with my grandma during summer time and semester break. During this time, she was beginning to get really sick and was admitted to the hospital quite often. In fact, I was with her in her hospital room when she took her last breath.  I was alone and I was scared, but I was at peace  because I knew in my heart that she would go to heaven.  I made sure that she received Jesus in her heart  before she died.

I didn't have a social life growing up.  I only had one close friend in high school and one close friend in college, but they are the most brilliant, loyal and amazing friends. Until now we are still in contact.  Now you know why I am a shy and reserved person.  It's not a sin; it's just the way I grew up, I guess. Well, as long as I had books with me, I really did not care about anything in the world.  It did not bother me to stay with my grandma when there were times when electricity is out for a week. I became hopelessly shy and more reserved as years went by.  There are things in my life that I couldn't just change overnight. When I finally got married, my dear  husband started to help me loosen up a bit and to help me build up my confidence and self esteem(bless his heart). Eight years have passed, and I am still overwhelmed with crowds but not as  badly as it had been. Then I met a lot of wonderful people who became friends.

Ruby made me feel very comfortable and welcome.  She started to talk to me like she had known me for a long time. She actually made me forget that there were a lot of people at their home that time.  They had friends over, and I could see that they were enjoying the fellowship and food.  I can still remember the laughter and greetings from people. Most of them were buddies from college.  My husband was having fun and was all smiles. If it were not for Ruby, I would probably have ended up staying in the room until we were ready to leave. That was not the case.  Ruby talked to me and asked how my family was back home and such. Later on, I started to feel good; then, much later I realized that I actually started to talk without just answering queries from her. I told my husband later how nice and how kind Mike and Ruby were, and how I was so blessed to have met them. We always try to visit them in the summer every year since then. Visiting them is always a joy.  I learn a lot, admire them more and just feel blessed to have friends like them.  They are some of the most humble and down to earth people I've known. That is probably why the Lord gave them so many blessings. I took some photos at their home.

Living almost a quarter mile back from a small country road, Mike and Ruby enjoy the seclusion of an idyllic spot in the country.

This is the front side of their house. They have a beautiful place.

At dinner time with friends.

My sister Vine with Ruby

This shot was taken at the barn. I noticed that cat is a really needy and clingy animal. It turned me off, but I admire its persistence. 

One of the things that I admire about Ruby and Mike's place is the flowers surrounding their place. I can't help but admire this bush here. I haven't seen this kind of flower in Maryland.

Taken from inside their living room. They have big windows in their living room and its really quite beautiful!

I can remember the heat and humidity during our visit, but the ambiance was enough to overlook it.

One of the things that made me love their place is the privacy, the vastness, and the peaceful surroundings.

Their farm has at least  92 acres of land. This year they planted peas. In spite of the brutal heat, they managed to look really healthy. Mike shared something about his farming and I will try to write about it next time.

My sis, Vine, and Mike who owns this. Vine was so tickled and she really enjoyed the ride!

Ruby with my son Matthew.

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