Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Devos 2

Rebekah in the Bible could have been the original "it girl". Not only was she beautiful... she was sweetness personified . Isaac's dear servant could not have imagined a better answer to his prayer. God can do way more than we can even think to ask!

The best part  of her story, no doubt, is when she and Isaac lock eyes across the open field and share that fairy-tale, love-at-first sight moment. Aww! But don't miss How Mrs Isaac got here. She landed her dream guy through voluntarily doing some pretty hard work for an unknown stranger at a well back home.
If Rebekah had taken the slacker way out, she'd have stopped with one sip of water for the old servant. But she was no ordinary chick. She was an above-and -beyond kind of gal, always doing more than was asked...always working to the best of her ability.

That's the kind of behavior that makes you an "it girl" In God's eyes. He tells us in Colossians 3:23 that we should do everything as if we're working for the Lord and not for people. No lame-o, halfway job will do if you're working for him, will it?

So whether you're doing homework, babysitting your kid brother, or finishing those wretched chores your mom requested, perform them all with gusto and grace. God will be using your choices no mold you into beautiful woman of God, just like he did with Rebekah.

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