Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday devos

One thing all women everywhere - have in common is the genuine desire of their soul to be truly loved.

Rachel in the Bible was the popular, pretty girl. But things weren't always as perfect as they seemed. Leah always got stuck playing second fiddle to her younger sister. She was totally rejected and publicly dissed by both her dad and Jacob and all. She felt invisible, as if her true self didn't matter to anyone on earth.

They were incredibly different, but each of these women was loved equally by her Creator. And regardless of the way she felt inside, or even the way she was treated on the outside, her value came from him, just like yours does.

You're certainly not in a  race to have the most babies with a husband you share with other women. But sometimes life feels like a race to be accepted and loved, doesn't it? The truth is you don't have to starve for attention - your value doesn't come from  other people perception. People look at outside appearances, but God looks at your heart, and he has a never-ending, never-failing love for you! He sees so much beauty in you, and wants you close to HIM.

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