Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Setting up my son's dorm room

Guest post written by Kim Baugass

So we actually haven't moved him into his dorm room yet, but we're getting together all of his things together before we move my son into his freshman dorm room. I think that we've about got all of it together. It was tough for me to think about what all he would need though because it's been so long since I was in his position!

We've been finding a lot of his stuff online at good prices and while I was looking online to find some possible comforters to choose for him, I ran across the website Once I looked through it some, i decided to change over my home internet and TV service to one of the bundles on there.

Well, he told me that he doesn't really have an interest in decorating his dorm room, but I still want it to look nice and feel like home to him. So I took some inspiration from his bedroom at home to find some of his dorm room stuff. I found a really similar comforter and some masculine and monocramatic curtains and other design accessories. I think that it's pretty subtle but will work out really well for him. Or at the very least it will make him feel a little more at home.

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