Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sight and sound

Joseph the Dreamer! We  obtained 4 inexpensive tickets to see the Joseph show at Sight and Sound in Pennsylvania this spring. This was a highly anticipated moment for us as a family, especially to my boys who love to listen to Bible stories from their daddy. Every time we were on the road,  one of them would ask nicely if Daddy would tell them a story, and if Daddy said yes, they would ask Mommy if she would turn off the music  and close all the windows so they could hear the story clearly. Sight and Sound is a theater, and it's no ordinary one. Its theater's epic shows bring to life many Biblical narratives in vivid clarity. Their name was inspired by the story of Jesus found in Matthew 13:10-23. The disciples asked Jesus why he spoke to the people in parables or stories. Jesus replied that even though people were seeing, they did not really see. Even though they were hearing, they did not truly hear or understand what they heard. It is Sight and Sound's goal to assist people in visualizing and internalizing Biblical truth through live stage productions - to illustrate truth in the same way that Jesus did, by storytelling so that their audience will gain a clear understanding and inspiration through these presentations, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and deepen their relationship with our Father through Him.
In presenting Joseph, they did a fantastic job of achieving their goals while keeping my little boys of ages 4 and 6 enthralled the entire time.

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