Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Wonderful Wife

Guest writer: Willard Yothers ( My funny and sweet husband)

After reading my wife's last blog, I knew I had to write one depicting her in some other ways.  My wife is an extraordinary person with a unique sense of humor.  At the same time she is a bit reserved and sometimes lacks self confidence.  However, Tess has really made tremendous gains in that area in the last few years.  When she first came to the United States, she was as timid as a mouse.  Not anymore! I have discovered that she can be as tenacious as a bulldog. Tess has had this dream of going back to school and entering the medical field.  She has clung to that through many difficulties.  Recently she fulfilled one dream by becoming a citizen of the United States.  I am so proud of her. If I think of adjectives that really describe my wife though, it would be these:  kind, caring, loving and generous to a fault.  I really think she would give her last dollar away even if it meant going hungry if I did not stop her.  She is really a loving person, especially with her children in the nursery.

She only has one major flaw.  Once a month when the moon is full, I hear this most awful howling filling the house.  I go running to find out what is the matter, and when I find her, I can't believe it is her.  But I look closer and see that, yes, this is my sweet, sweet wife only now she looks a little like a werewolf.  Frightening!
Really though it is easy to see that she does have a terrific sense of humor and she is gaining self confidence.  Witness the fact that she allowed me to post this photo.  It would not be fair however to post this photo without posting one that shows the true Tess.  This is my wife Tess with our two boys taken last winter.

My participation in Thankful Thursday


marifen said...

This blog post is soooo sweet... Tess, is also a wonderful friend, and I am lucky to have a true friend like her :)

Chrissy said...

Great post and that last photo is beautiful :)

Leena said...

This was most touching ever, I am happy for all of you. It is so important a loving,caring and understanding atmosphere in the families but it is not at all obvious always.
It was joy to read this post!

Greetings from the eastern part of Finland - I am mom of three and grandmother of six. We have been married over 47 years, I am quite an expert in these things ;)

raya said...

awww what a sweet post, tess! love it!

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