Friday, September 9, 2011

Enjoying Orlando

Orlando is a great city to visit as a tourist.  With its many tourist attractions, Orlando is probably one of the most visited cities in the United States.  I could easily spend two to three weeks in Orlando without having a dearth of things with which to occupy my time.  Of course, the crowning attraction of Orlando and the outlying area has to be Disney World.  I never tire of visiting Disney World.  With a vast variety of attractions that make up the entire complex, Disney World alone can easily keep my family and me entertained for the better part of a week.

To really obtain the fullest enjoyment of our stay, we had to find a place to stay that was convenient and attractive.  We found a number of really neat Orlando hotels right inside the vast Disney complex, but none was nicer than the Dolphin.  This is a lovely hotel with a fantastic view and great accommodations.  Not only did we receive these benefits, but we also had special access to the theme parks after hours allowing us to avoid the long lines and to make the most of our time riding some of the attractions which are usually so difficult to get to because of the crowds waiting to ride.  Planning a week's vacation in Orlando became a lot easier when we chose the right resort hotel.

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