Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scrapbooking Digital Suite Giveaway!

 My and Life is Beautiful are giving away a Digital Scrapbooking Suite for FREE!             
Being a firm believer in saving memories and passing them on to my children, I have been searching for the best medium through which to do just that.  I love to take photos of my family for posterity and hope that someday my boys will really appreciate their childhood through these photos.  What better way of saving memories than scrapbooking!  After this realization hit home, I had to decide just how to go about it.  Almost all of my photos are on the computer, so it only made sense to look at using a digital medium.  I was able to find a great program entitled "My Memories."

"My Memories" allows me to use my photos on the computer saving me the expense of purchasing a scrapbook and all the other supplies I would need.  It also allows me numerous options that I would not have in a hard copy scrapbook.  Now I can add sound, videos and a number of other options to enhance my scrapbook.  At a later date, I can still have my scrapbook printed if I so desire.  Beautifully created calendars may be made from this program, making wonderful gifts at Christmas.  This software program is easy to use and allows me to create a product that truly looks professionally made.  I really love "My Memories" suite.

It is so easy to enter the giveaway; just follow these three step:

1. Visit

2. Choose your favorite digital paper pack or layout.

3.Then comment on my blog telling me which ones you chose.



marifen said...

I like this one:

Pink icing on the cake

Mommy Jes said...

i love hey girlfriend! :D

marifen said...

Hi tes, I just checked your page rank, it is still the same PR2 :)

sweet leah said...

I like you blog site. It is so interesting. You really have a blessed family.

ladyguinevere28 said...


This is nice, i'd like to have the 3rd options.

Thank you.


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