Sunday, October 30, 2011

Elder Care

     Nothing is more difficult than having to place a parent in a nursing home as he or she nears the end of a productive life at home.  I personally can attest personally to just such a situation.  My mother suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, a cruel and crippling disease.  With all her faculties intact, she only lacked the ability to care for herself due to the crippling effects of the arthritis.  At first the family joined together to provide as much supervision and care as possible, but eventually it became evident that my mother really needed constant care.  First we hired a nurse through a company in the area, and for a while things went really well.   However, when the first nurse resigned, the second nurse did not perform well.  In desperation we hired another lady privately as a live-in caregiver.This lasted for about one year before she decided she had other priorities.
With all of these problems we experienced, it is nice to find a reliable organization that provides caregivers for such situations.  With caring assistants and a philosophy designed to enable elderly to remain in their own homes and maintain their dignity and independence as far as possible, this organization provides the solution for so many of the issues we met when trying to find in home elder care for my mother.  Now it is possible to get the information needed online to find a good. caring organization to meet one's needs.

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