Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting used to a home office transition

Guest post written by Grant Green
About a month or so ago, I was asked at my work if I would mind working from home as a way for them to cut down on some costs. I jumped at the idea. I've been wishing that I could work from home now for years. So that's what I'm doing. Except I haven't exactly got my home work space how I'd like it.
I was online looking up some ideas about how I could improve our home office space, when I saw the site Sears Home Pro Improvement . I showed it to my wife and we decided to replace our current system with it because it was definitely on its last leg.
I fixed up an old desk of mine for our home office and also hung up my diploma in there. Basically I took a lot of things from my office at work to put in there. But it's much cozier and I never have to worry about other people hogging all of the good coffee. Plus, I cut down on my commute and can sleep a little bit more each morning.


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