Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sucess for the Future

     Recently I started back to school after an eleven year hiatus.  Actually, I had a degree in computer science but decided I wanted to move in a different direction; hence, I am back in school.  Looking at future possibilities, I became intrigued by the possibilities of online education.  As I explored the possibilities, I came across the perfect online university program, Walden University.  I  immediately wanted to learn  about Walden and what they had to offer me. I discovered that many of Walden University's online  degree programs are fully accredited and will provide a great springboard into the job market or an opportunity for advancement in one's present profession.

     Online education is attractive to me because of  the flexibility and the convenience of studying at home since I have two little boys to take care of.  This allows me to spend time with them and to schedule my study time around the time when they need me.  It also allows me to get individual instruction when needed via email.  A great support system is in place  to assist whenever needed. is a quality online program that has served many students well.

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