Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Special Care for Special People

      For the individual seeking a great place a loved one who is in need of specialized care during their senior years, finding the right place can be a difficult and prolonged process.  It no longer needs to be so.  A facility for skilled nursing care in Ohio, Crandall Medical Center provides excellent physical care while also providing for the emotional, creative and spiritual needs of its residents.  Residents are provided with the best 24 hour care available either short-term or long-term as well as rehabilitation services.  Speech, physical and occupational therapists aid patients regain lost skills and abilities even while they are enjoying the comforts of a comfortable room or apartment and nutritional, delicious meals.

     In addition to the benefits of a well-trained and caring staff of medical and therapeutic specialists, one has the benefit of a strong program designed to meet other needs as well.  Residents are encouraged to join activities designed to help them develop their creative abilities to the fullest extent and to engage in social activities to keep them active.  Games, movies and crafts are just a few of the special activities to aid the resident while recuperating and regaining his or her physical strength.  Crandall is dedicated to assisting its residents in enjoying a long and productive life.

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