Friday, November 4, 2011

Don't Be an Ostrich!

     Have you considered what you would do if you lost all power, water and gas for a period of seventy-two hours or more?  In a world that has been seeing more than its share of natural catastrophes lately, the possibility of such an event suddenly seems very real.  Not only could you face a natural catastrophe that would pose severe, hardship, but you could also face a possible terrorist attack that would cause as great a problem.  How would you cope with such an event? Do you anticipate and prepare or do you perform the ostrich act, sticking your head in the sand and pretending "it could never happen to you"?

     Preparation is now made easy by Your Own Homestore.  A concerned person need only to enter basic information such as the number of family members, type of emergency and the length of emergency he wishes to prepare for, and a computer generated list will be presented with everything needed to comfortably survive the emergency.  Since foodstuffs are freeze-dried, these kits will be good for up to eighteen years, and the food will retain its freshness and nutritious value during that time.  Not only that, there is also a savings available of up to 45% by obtaining a shelf reliance coupon.  Preparing properly now for an emergency could save a lot of grief later.

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