Saturday, November 12, 2011

Light Up Her Life!

Light up your true love's life with  a very special diamond.  Finding the perfect stone, which will make that moment even more unforgettable and special, is not always easy; but it is worth the time and money invested just to see the light on the face of the one you love so dearly.   With many different stones, options and prices available, the Diamond Mansion online offers an easier way to purchase that truly great stone for your precious someone.

  The major concern when purchasing diamond jewelry is, of course, selecting the proper stone.  The highest priority is selecting a well cut stone.  If the stone is not cut properly, it will not reflect light properly and will not have the desired beauty.  Cut also refers to the shape of the diamond. The cushion cut engagement ring is a beautiful cut stone that is just one of many offered at the Diamond Mansion. Another quality of importance is the clarity of the diamond.  Clarity simply refers to the purity of the stone.  While many times impurities are small and not easily visible, sometimes these impurities are quite visible, marring the beauty of the stone.    Color is a third aspect to be considered.  A simple rule to remember is "the less color, the better."  The carat of the diamond is of least importance and refers to the size of the stone.

    Remember, this is a gift that is timeless and will  last for a lifetime.   For that reason, Diamond Mansion is a great place to shop for your stone.  Make the love of your life happy  with a beautiful diamond this year.

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