Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lowering My Costs

     Twice every year my auto insurance premiums come due, and I always view those dates with trepidation.  First, I wonder if there will be a rate increase this year, and second, I wonder if the money will be available to pay for the premiums.  I really have not had much of a rate increase over the last five years, but I still always fear the worst.  My driving record has been excellent, so my rates should not increase, but I do live in a high risk area.  In the present economy, the need to keep costs to a minimum is a high priority.

     Dropping some of my coverage now I that my car is older would seem to be a good option.  Collision is no longer a necessity now that my car has been paid off, but I still hesitate to drop it just yet.  I have thought of shopping around for better car insurance rates, but I have not had the time to do so.   I may have trouble finding lower rates because of the discounts I currently have: a discount for having no accidents or tickets, a discount for having auto and home insurance with the same company and a discount for loyalty, being with the same company for thirty plus years.  Despite all of this, I suppose it would be prudent to shop around a bit.  Oh yes!  I guess it would be prudent to limit my drivers too.


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