Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Uncle Arsenio


Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving here in the United States, and I was reminded once again of all the ways in which God has blessed me. One of those blessings was my Uncle Arsenio. I can remember as a child Uncle's attention, love and kindness to the children. I was struck once again by those traits when I came back to the Philippines recently with my son Everett. He was truly delighted to see Everett. Uncle Arsenio was also a man who stood out in my mind as someone who was always ready to help the downtrodden. His goal was to help the barrio become a better place for everyone to live.

However, Uncle Arsenio was not just a man who showered people with love. I will always remember him as a man of great courage, uncompromising in the face of danger, and a man of principle. He would never yield to outside pressure to cave in to injustice. Perhaps this is the reason for the cowardly attack upon his life. However, while the cowards may have snuffed out Uncle's life, they cannot extinguish the light from the memory of a truly great man. Today Uncle Arsenio is in a much better place, but the memories of him will remain with us who are left behind.

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