Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Secure Child Is a Happy Child

       When our boys were babies, they loved to be carried in a baby carrier.  While they were younger, we used a baby front carrier to tote them all over the place.  As they became older and grew larger, we used the baby backpack carrier which made carrying the extra weight easier.  Carrying them all over Washington D.C. on our visits there, we found the baby front carrier to be a great way to have them enjoy the excursion.  Later, we found that the backpack carrier was wonderful when we hiked and cl;imbed in the mountains of Virginia.  For convenience and safety, the baby carrier is a fantastic way of traveling with you young child.  After graduating from the carrier, our boys then wanted to be carried around on my husband's shoulders.  Today they have almost graduated from that stage although they occasionally beg to be put up for a ride.

     Research has shown that differing cultures prefer different placement in the carrier, and that placement can be important to a baby's later health.  For example, many of the Eastern cultures prefer to place the child facing inward emphasizing the closeness of family while Western cultures prefer to have their children facing away allowing them more freedom.  Personally, we used both positions from time to time and found that it was simply nice to have our child close.  As they have grown, our boys have developed into more adventurous boys and now love to roam ahead and be the "leader" when we go hiking.  However, they are extremely happy and well adjusted little boys who are very close to each other and their parents something we attributed to them feeling secure as a baby.

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