Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scrubs for Comfort

    I am currently in a program preparing for a career as a radiologist.  Searching for something comfortable yet classy, I came upon a great site for scrubs.  As I looked over the selection of available nursing scrubs, I found a huge selection that had a very classy look.  I found that it was even possible to purchase custom made scrubs .  I am looking forward to the time when I will actually be donning those scrubs to start my new career in radiology.

     Medical scrubs and uniforms have come to represent my future to me as my husband moves closer to retirement age.  I am really looking forward to getting started in radiology, and I have come to view those scrubs as being so comfortable yet classy.  I think it is important to have a really neat and attractive appearance in order to gain the patient's confidence and help them feel secure in my hands.  To do this I will need to dress in a manner that portrays my professionalism yet leaves me comfortable to be myself.  These scrubs will help me do this.

1 comment:

NovaS said...

pretty soon, you'll be able to need those scrubs once you are done with your studies....good luck always

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