Saturday, December 17, 2011

Secure and Successful

In the economy we have at the present, American families have reason to be concerned about the future. American workers do not feel secure in their jobs anymore.  Millions of people have lost their high paying positions without warning as the economy took an unexpected dive. This makes everyone want to do something immediately to secure his job and the future of his family. Going back to school is an answer to this concern; many professionals are going back to school either to get their bachelor’s degree or to get their master’s degree in order to maintain their position in the company.  

It was three years ago when I started to think about going back to school. I knew that I wanted to study in the medical assistant programs, so I had to find the right school to provide the best education and help me succeed in the field of my choosing.   I also needed to discover some form of federal assistance to help with the cost of my schooling.  I had to find a school that would provide me with a universally accepted quality education yet would accommodate the schedule of a wife and mother of two little boys. 

Community college is the way to go.  It's affordable at less than $2,000 tuition  per semester, and it's really inexpensive compared to the other schools in the area. The quality of the the education is excellent and also accredited.  This reason alone ensures one sucess in the medical field if his scholarship is good. The flexibility of the schedule, which meets my needs as a wife and mother, is another thing that attracted me to the community college.  With rising prices due to the energy crisis and the likelihood of a tax hike in the near future, Americans like me are realizing the necessity of getting an affordable education that will enable them to succeed in the current changing job market. 

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