Monday, December 19, 2011

A Memorable Cruise!


             Two of my close friends went on a cruise with their families early this year.  I asked them how it was, and they both said that  it was a "once in a lifetime experience." Entertainment, relaxation and fine dining aboard a luxury liner provided an unforgettable experience for them.  I have never been on a cruise before, so I became intrigued by their accounts of their cruises. Then just last week I learned that my best friend is going to spend Christmas with her hubby on a cruise for a week. This got me seriously curious, so I went to check online.  I came across a site called  Patagonia tours.  After surfing the site, I now understand why my friends enjoyed going on a cruise.

            The entertainment that the cruise provides is like nothing you can find anywhere else. The cruise will also take you to the most exotic places to observe the flora and fauna of a wilderness of great beauty: native forests, sea lions, elephant seals, cormorans, exotic flowers, southern dolphins, etc.  The mythical Cape Horn and one of the largest penguin colonies in the Southern Hemisphere  provide a fantastic backdrop for this unforgettable experience.

            The cruise provides a great opportunity for relaxation in spacious cabins while observing the natural wonders of this area. Fine dining with great cuisine overlooking the ocean and beautiful views promises an experience unequaled by any other. This is really something anyone would want in a vacation. The entertainment and relaxation on board a ship are good reasons why people like my friends enjoyed their cruise and cannot wait to go back again.

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