Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Changing Gender Roles

I attended the debate about changing gender roles. It was an engaging discussion, and the interaction between the participants was intense and lively. The first team presented their argument that women can have independence and don’t have to stay at home to take care of the kids while husbands are working to provide for the family; women can have the freedom to choose either to stay at home or to work. Women can get a job to help their spouse if they want to and should be treated with the same respect as men; after all, they are as intelligent as men,  as good workers as men, and can perform the same tasks as men. Equality works for couples, especially in this economy, helping each other hand in hand around the house like partners, supporting each other by contributing to expenses for the family. Furthermore, having two incomes makes life easier and less stressful for the husbands.     
The second team presented their argument opposing the first team. Men were created and designed to be the “MAN” and should act as such. Men should be responsible to take care of and provide for the family while wives stay home to cook, take care of the kids and support the husband.  Men don’t feel comfortable when wives are making more money than they.  It is not good for their ego as well as their image as man of the house.   A point stressed by the second team was that a woman was better at nurturing the children than a man, a point to which one man in the audience took immediate exception.  This is not necessarily true and probably hurt the second team’s argument.
I noticed that some female participants prefer their men to work while they stay at home, while others prefer to work to be able to help their husband as well as enjoy their independence.
In my observation, this is a matter of preference. There are a lot of American couples  who both work to help the family, and it is working for them; likewise, there are also many American couples whose sole provider is the husband, and it also works for them.

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